Decem Reliquias

A Dwarf, a Cat, and a Mage

Tyree clenches his fist and his jaw and looks away from the pitiful thing that was Dog, swearing to avenge his friend against the wicked shaman that could have saved him, while Broga tries to find any trace of where Elorn might have vanished to. Knowing they really have no other option, the tired group gather their wits and head into the dark tunnel, leaving the sunlight and the charred remains of Dog behind.

The rough natural tunnel soon leads to carved stairs and worked stone. Being familiar with this architecture, Broga informs them this must be an entrance to the Darkspawn infected Deep Roads, once the highways of a vast underground Dwarf kingdom. Further down, an imposing statue of a dwarf bearing a hammer confirms this. After many hours, they stop to rest, making camp on the uncomfortable stone steps.

During the evening meal, Marius eyes Broga suspiciously, noticing that he keeps putting his hands into his pockets and muttering to himself. During his nightly watch, he confides in Cathal that he thinks the dwarf is hiding something from the rest of the group. Determined to learn his secret, he fleeces the dwarf in his sleep. The clumsy mage wakes up the dwarf in his efforts, but is able to convince him that something was crawling on him. Undeterred, Marius tries again and finally finds a small, porcelain cat statue in one of Broga’s vest pockets. As soon as Marius removes it from his pocket, Broga’s eyes snap open and he desperately reaches for the cat. A tense moment passes by as the two stare at each other, each grasping the cat and wondering why it should seem so important to them.

Through soft and kind words, Marius convinces Broga to let go, and he examines the plain looking statue. The inexplicable need to covet the item washes over him, but he is unable to detect any magical aura. He surmises that this must be one of the legendary relics, and with an incredible show of willpower, hands the statue back to the dwarf, who quickly snatches it and clutches it close to his chest. He rocks back and forth and begs that Marius not tell the others what he has discovered. Marius agrees, and convinces Cathal to do the same, worried that the others may not be able to resist the cat’s unnatural allure.



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