Decem Reliquias

Amber Rage

Corryn nearly yells out when, during his watch, a hand covers his mouth and someone grabs him from behind until a voice whispers in his ear, calming him. He stands motionless for a few moments, listening to the silence, straining to hear the threat the voice warned him about. The snap of a twig pushes them into a flurry of action. Cathal releases Corryn, who immediately wakes the others. As they orient and arm themselves, she moves past them toward the unknown threat. Berchan, the fastest to wake, follows her. “I hear them,” the boy whispers. Before Cathal can stop him, he races past her into the darkness. Growls and snarls follow, and he rushes back to Cathal, three feral, dark-skinned warriors close behind.

Tyree rushes at the warriors from his hiding place to the right, keeping them away from Cathal, giving her room to shoot. Broga and the mages join her in support while Armon takes his customary position next to Tyree. Like the barkeep, these men emit a foul odor, affecting the front line fighters. The also similarly refuse to die, fighting on well beyond mortal wounds. Recognizing their stubbornness, Marius fills them with entropic energy, this time not warning Armon. The men explode, covering both warriors in yellow gore. Unable to stomach the smell, Armon begins to retch, stealing the breath he would otherwise be using to curse Marius.

Taking a moment to let Armon recover, Corryn shares his recollection of these barbarians, the darker skinned Alammari cousins of the Avar. Known as Chasind, they usually make their home in the Kocari Wilds, far south of their current position. The golden hue of the blood covering Tyree and Armon triggers a memory in Corryn and he relates his theory that these men suffered from Amber Rage, a disease not seen in Thedas for hundreds of years.

During the First Blight, the Chasind attempted to use herbs to enhance their warriors, make them stronger and faster to curb the Darkspawn threat. The plants themselves were tainted, so, while having the desired affect of enhancing their physical abilities, they also addled the mind, regressing the subject to an animal state. Even worse, the subject could then transfer the condition through bites to other victims. Entire Chasind villages succumbed to the Rage. Corryn recalls no record of how it was stopped.



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