Decem Reliquias

Another Stupid Avar

Not one to give up, even on irresponsible, dog-killing barbarians, Corryn keeps trying, hoping that the Revenant’s spell runs its course before it’s too late. Through sheer stubbornness and force of will, and perhaps a bit of spiritual intervention, Corryn is able to snatch Tyree from the brink of death. A distant scream distracts them from this triumphant moment. Recognizing the terrified voice, Marius runs back to the riverbank.

He easily finds the sobbing woman near the reptile carnage, cradling Azur, both covered in blood. He gently pulls Felayne away from the unconscious, but clearly alive, Azur. Cathal takes her brother to dress his wounds, while Marius guides the unresponsive Felayne to the river to clean her up. Realizing the worst she has seen prior to this battle was the single Darkspawn in the caves of Redhold, he sympathizes with her reaction and begins to question the wisdom of bringing her along to rescue Izot in the dangerous Frostback Mountains. With the wounded tended to and the entire party now safely across the river, they decide to press on into the evening. The forest disappears behind them and they make camp on the flat prairie, a comfortable distance from the waterway.

The next day, as the group moves west towards the mountains, the terrain starts to become rocky and uneven. They come to the realization that they will not be able to take the horses with them to Banur’s camp. After debating several options and consulting Marius’ map, they decide to escort Felayne and the horses to the village of Haven, where she will await their potential return. If the worst should happen, she will have to complete her journey to Elmridge on her own. Felayne reluctantly agrees, wishing to help her friend, but knowing how ineffective in battle she would be. Figuring that since it’s been so long that Izot’s fate has been sealed either way, Corryn and Armon agree. Broga and Tyree remain indifferent, so long as their destination has the potential to include loot and glory. Azur vocally and vehemently objects, desperate to save his wife, but his protests are soundly ignored, even by his sister.

Night passes with no disturbances, but the morning light reveals that Azur is missing. Dog and Tyree ferret out his trail, which, as expected, makes a direct line northwest towards Banur and Izot. Cursing and swearing to all the Avar gods, Cathal gathers her gear and makes to follow him. Though they haven’t been on the best terms, Tyree volunteers his and Dog’s services to track the runaway. She agrees and the pair split from the main party, promising to catch up at or near Haven.

Not far from their camp, they find a depression in the grass where it appears Azur rested. The trail leading away from the site is not fresh, so they can tell he has time on them. Cathal gives a wry grin, says “Race you,” and takes off running. Never one to back down from a challenge, Tyree follows. Several minutes pass where they are very close, but Cathal suddenly stops. Oblivious, Tyree keeps going. Finally she shouts at him and points to attract his attention to a pile of corpses. Four dead Genlocks litter the ground, their Darkspawn corruption already turning the grass ashen around them. Avar arrows protrude from their flesh, indicating to the trackers that Azur was here. Now, more leery of their surroundings, they abandon their game and keep a watchful eye out for more Darkspawn.

As evening descends on the Avar, with still no sign of Azur, they press on into the night, trusting Dog’s nose to keep them on track. He proves worth his keep when, just after dawn, he barks and approaches a small copse. An arrow whizzes past Dog, shot by an unseen archer hidden among the trees. Furious that Azur would assault his companion, Tyree charges in.

Several more arrows come his way before Tyree locates Azur among the trees, one of those striking Cathal, who returns the favor. Upon seeing the wounded and frightened boy, Tyree rethinks his attack and instead uses his intimidating presence to scare Azur into surrender. Even as he drops his bow and drops his head, Cathal does not relent, sending several more arrows his way. Tyree makes a half-hearted attempt to stop her, until he puts the boy’s wounds and ashen complexion together with the Darkspawn casualties to realize what must have befallen him.

Cathal walks up to Azur and looks into his smokey, distant eyes. She places her hand on his shoulder and he drops to his knees, whimpering. She carefully unsheathes a dagger, slides it across Azur’s throat, kicks over his body, turns, and walks away. “Let’s go,” she says to Tyree, who stands in stunned silence for a moment, then hurries to follow, leaving the disgraced Azur to the land-dwelling scavengers, unfit for the halls of the Sky Goddess.



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