Decem Reliquias

Fire and Ice

While Corryn attempts to talk some sense into the hostile Avar shaman through the swarm of locusts, Elorn calmly walks past him to the edge of the ice bridge. With a flick of his feather covered staff, he makes the bridge even more perilous by summoning a large pool of grease. Berchan sneaks up from behind and attempts to grab the staff, but succeeds only in distracting Elorn. Worried that the fragile bridge might be destroyed, Broga and Armon bypass the stunned Tyree and dive across, sliding to the cave entrance covered in sludge, then stand to confront the obviously mad mage.

Coming somewhat to his senses, Tyree situates Dog on his shoulders and takes a cautious step forward on the greasy ice. Elorn’s faithful owl leaves his side once more, swooping out over Tyree’s head, and releases a curious object from it’s talons. As the small stone hits the bridge, the grease ignites, covering Dog and Tyree in flames. Confused and worried, Tyree still takes slow, cautious steps across the flaming ice bridge until finally reaching the other side, and carefully places dog’s now charred, stiff corpse on the ground.

From across the chasm, Marius slams Elorn with mental energy, knocking him to the ground, allowing Broga and Armon to get past his defenses, but also foiling Cathal’s attempts at getting line of sight. She yells at Marius to follow and takes a diving roll through the flames across the ice bridge, but slides ungracefully and crashes into Tyree, still trying to snuff out the flames on Dog, tangling them both into a useless heap. On his heals, Elorn begins to retreat into the cave. Cathal extricates herself from Tyree and draws a bead on the traitor. Before she can get a shot off though, the shaman says in an ominous voice, “If you follow me, you will die,” and vanishes.

Marius, stepping out onto the ice, shifts nervously, hoping to wait out the flames before crossing. Steam, drips and cracks signify that if he waits a moment longer, he will be stranded on this side, or worse, fall to his death. He finally just closes his eyes and rushes across, coming out mostly unharmed and only slightly ablaze. The bridge disintegrates behind him, the ice chunks falling away into the mist below.



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