Decem Reliquias


Marius, Corryn, Armon, Broga, Felayne, Berchan, their dogs, horses, and donkey arrive in the peaceful village of Haven at dusk. They spot a likely building in the distance, and travel through the dark and quiet town to what they assume is the local inn. Finding the door locked and the windows boarded up, Broga tries his hand at the lock. The trivial thing takes hardly any effort to disable, but the door still will not budge.

Unable to resist the challenge, Broga and the others move around back. He successfully picks the lock on the rear door, but finds this one also stubbornly refuses to open. With Tyree out, Armon volunteers to try his hand. He takes several steps back then runs at the door, using his shoulder to force it open, smashing it off its hinges and knocking down the several chairs propped against it. The pair enter the seemingly deserted building quietly, though after all that racket anyone inside would surely already be alerted to their presence. Broga takes the second floor while Armon guards the stairs. After a few brief minutes, Broga reports back no souls upstairs. They move on to a door at the end of the hallway where the adept dwarf makes quick work of that lock, revealing the inn’s common room.

The room is in shambles, the floor littered with overturned tables, broken glass, and splintered chairs. Broga immediately begins canvassing the room for abandoned coins and intact bottles. While the dwarf is preoccupied with his search, a shuffling sound from behind the bar attracts Armon’s attention. An old man crawls out through the debris, obviously wounded, with a makeshift splint around his leg. Armon calls to those waiting outside for help. Not wanting any part in their vandalism and also unwilling to leave Felayne alone, Corryn stays outside while Marius enters the inn.

Noticing his yellow-tinged skin and acrid smell, Marius surmises that the man has suffered some malady but is unfamiliar with these particular symptoms. He tries questioning the man, but doesn’t get much information. Instead he repeatedly insists that they must stay away, leave, and depart. Having had enough of the man’s ravings, Marius provokes him into a rage. The man unexpectedly stands up quickly, despite his wounded leg, and lunges at the mage, attempting to bite him.

Marius quickly dodges out of the way, and Armon steps up to intercept the attack. Attempts to calm the man are met only with snarls and bites. Hesitantly, Armon strikes the man. When this has no affect, he strikes harder. Rather than red, his new wounds ooze a rancid, thick, yellow substance. Broga sticks him with several arrows and Marius blasts him with arcane energy, but still the man does not relent. Armon does not pull his killing blow, striking the barkeep down into a smelly heap.

Surprisingly, the old man immediately stands up again and continues his assault through injuries no man should survive. Against his better judgement, Marius warns Armon to back up. After one last blow, Armon heeds the warning. A potent spell leaves Marius’ staff, black energy entering the ears, eyes and nose of the infected man. Within seconds, the man explodes, covering the room, and Armon’s shoes, in a rain of yellow gore.

Wary of the water supply, Armon chooses not use the inn’s well to wash off the stench. After investigating a few houses only to find them empty, they wearily leave Haven, opting to camp on the western outskirts of town to wait for their wayward Avarrians and hopefully stop them from entering the devastated village.



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