Decem Reliquias

The Fate of the Unworthy

The adventurers next choose to move on to the second small hallway on the right and move cautiously down the silent corridor, until finally reaching a locked and chained wooden door. Wondering if this might be where Berchan’s sister Izot is being kept, Broga makes quick work of the padlock and unchains the door. It swings open with a loud creak, followed by the rattling of chains as a slight figure scrambles away from the blinding torchlight and starts screaming.

Among the incoherent cries, Tyree makes out “No, you can’t have any more!” The large Avar approaches the prisoner, who seems to be a young woman, trying to calm her as best he can, which is to say, not very well. The young boy Berchan pushes through the crowd to see if this is indeed his missing sister Izot, but he is disappointed when Tyree says, “Linda?”

The Orlesian separatist and crossbow thief ceases her struggling and finally takes a good look at her visitors. If she recognizes the men that destroyed her commune and took her family prisoner, she does not acknowledge it. She simply stops struggling and stares while Broga picks the locks on her manacles and Corryn checks her for wounds. He notices several precise, identical incisions on her arms, and signs of malnutrition and dehydration but she seems otherwise physically undamaged. She remains unresponsive, so Tyree picks her up, slings her across his shoulders, and carries her out of the room back into the eggshell-filled main chamber.



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