Decem Reliquias

Stupid Avar

The Revenant blasts Tyree with a wave of entropic energy, but the stubborn Avar pushes his way through, reaching the undead mage and landing several solid blows. Tyree, with no sense of self preservation, shrugs off every magical attack the Revenant throws at him and continues his relentless assault. Berchan arrives in the clearing just in time to see the Revenant swallowed by the earth, slipping away from the brutal attack.

Marius, Corryn and Broga finally catch up, only to find the wild-eyed Avar, covered in blood and black sludge, cursing at the air. Another area fills with the sickly green mist, catching Broga and Corryn in its choking fumes. While the others canvas the clearing for any sign of the enemy, Tyree lets out a sharp whistle and yells a single command, “Track”.

Dog comes running to his master’s call. The mutt sniffs along the ground for a few moment, following a zigzag pattern, and, not far from where the Revenant sank, barks happily, then begins to dig. Berchan rushes over to assist, and they soon reveal the top of a bald, decaying head. Berchan proceeds to stab at it and Broga follows suit. Tyree does not join them, finding it difficult to stand, let alone lift his maul. He collapses onto the grass just as Armon enters the clearing.

Confused by Berchan and Broga stabbing the dirt, Armon is unsure how to proceed. Corryn, tending to the fallen Avar directs him to help. He is reluctant to join the boy and the dwarf, not wishing to mar Amaar Fin. Seeing their short mundane weapons become ineffective when the head sinks lower, Armon sighs and plunges his magnificent blade into the soil. It emerges covered in black sludge, the Revenant once more returned to his liquid form.

Though Tyree is clearly quite wounded, Corryn finds his healing magics useless. Though he knows it is futile, Marius attempts his bandages anyway. The Curse of Mortality prevents his wounds from being treated, leaving Tyree’s companions to watch helplessly as his life slips away. Berchan pushes his way through the circle around the dying Avar, kicks the man as hard as he can, and, through choked words, tells him, “Get up you stupid Avar! You still have to save my sister!”



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