Decem Reliquias


Marius, Tyree, and Dog return to the market to find quite a different scene than when they left. Several guards have cordoned off the area, having replaced the white-clad youth. One guard halts them just outside the crime scene. Peeking around him and spying a puddle of blood, a sinking sensation in his gut tells him what must have happened here. Hoping he is wrong, he uses his undeniable charm, the tragedy of Haven, and the threat of the dead coming back from the grave to convince the guard to let him through to examine the body. Seeing the vicious wound in the victim’s neck and a yellowish tinge starting to form around its edges, his fears are confirmed. He warns those around to be on their guard, in case this one comes back. After a few tense moments of staring at the corpse, it does not rise. He warns the guard to keep a close eye on her anyway. Tyree commands Dog to track Corryn, and he and Marius leave the guard wide-eyed and unable to tear his gaze away from the unmoving corpse.

Panting and heaving, Armon turns the corner to find his quarry has reached a dead end. The infected man turns to face his pursuer, lunging at him with the fierceness of a cornered animal. Cathal fires her arrows and Armon hacks and slashes at him, causing wounds that bleed yellow, but, in typical Amber Rage fashion, the infected man continues to fight well after his wounds would dictate. The quick Berchan joins the fight, dodging in and out, stabbing ineffectually with his short sword, but providing a welcome distraction. Corryn shouts at him from behind to maneuver him away from the standing well. Using his shield, Armon circles behind and pushes him forward, right into the swinging maul of the newly arrived Tyree. Figuring the Avar warrior would not have returned alone, Armon shouts for Marius to take care of this guy. A shower of yellow gore soon follows, catching Tyree and Berchan in its wake, leaving them stunned and nauseated.

Once the two ill combatants recover enough to walk, Marius suggests they find a place to wash up and have a nice meal. They locate a modest inn where Tyree, Berchan and Corryn head straight for the baths, while others sit down to have a nice meal. Tempted to try out his newfound toy, Marius tells the serving boy “free” in his most commanding voice. The boy looks confused, and demands up front payment for the meal. Figuring it didn’t work, Marius deflects the boy’s questions and pays for the food. After the boy returns to the kitchen, a commotion arrises. A pack of dogs tear through the common room and race out the inn’s front door. They are soon followed by Marius’ serving boy, who seems to be attempting to escape the ire of the plump woman with a rolling pin. Before returning to the kitchen, the woman catches Armon’s eye and winks at him. Stunned, the staunch man tries to ignore it, while Marius silently grins. When their meal is ready, the cook brings it personally, with a few extra biscuits and winks for Armon. Flushed and flustered, the soldier looks down at his plate and finished his meal silently.

When sufficiently clean and fed, the group is eager to leave town and dismiss Marius’ suggesting to stay at the inn for the evening. With an unknown number of infected villagers, they don’t plan to stick around to see Elmridge become another Haven. Outvoted and overruled, Marius at least keeps his word to Felayne, stopping by the Wulf estate on the way out of town. The mage makes her promise to leave town at the first sign of trouble, and she hands Marius a small velvet pouch for his.

In their camp on the outskirts of town, Marius ponders Felayne’s fate and hopes she will heed his advice. Curious, he questions Cathal on where she plans to go next, seeing no reason she would stay with them after her brother’s death. She reminds him that Izot is still technically her sister-in-law, and Berchan her brother, and that she has a family obligation to complete his mission. After that though, she expresses no desire to return home to the new Redhold, as there is no glory to be found in constructing walls and buildings. Marius offhandedly mentions he is headed to the Brecilian forest. This alarms and interests her, who warns that the area is known to have werewolves. Claiming that “Avar remember what the rest of the Alamarri have forgotten,” she promises to tell Marius all she knows about them after Izot has been rescued.



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