Decem Reliquias

The Children

Also unsatisfied with the culinary selection, that evening Marius asks Cathal if she will use her hunterly skills to procure some fresh meat. She obliges, but Tyree insists on a accompanying her, much to her chagrin. The pair wage a friendly competition picking off a rabbit and a doe. As they tread deeper into the forest, an insect-like aberration the size of a small dog crosses their path. They do not hesitate to kill it, but several more crawl out of the brush. The competition turns a little more serious as they attempt to keep the creatures at bay with some well placed arrows. It doesn’t take long to defeat the few that crawl out, but both of them realize the potential that a swarm of those creatures could easily overwhelm even a great warrior. They hasten to leave, but Tyree suggests they take some back to the others so they might learn more of the beast. Cathal seems disgusted, but obliges to carry the game while Tyree takes the corpses of two of the many-legged terrors back to camp.

Marius suddenly loses his appetite when Tyree drops an oozing chitinous corpse in front of him like a pet showing off his kill. By the deformations and pustules, Marius is able to recognize that it is a variety of Darkspawn, but has not heard of anything quite like it. Corryn suggests they take it to the Grey Wardens, since they are going to see them anyway. Everyone agrees that is the best course, but no ones wants to volunteer their blankets, tents or clothes to the tasks of hauling the bodies. Tyree volunteers to see if he can procure something from one of the many nearby camps and slips off into the night.

After a short argument with a man next to an unusually large covered wagon who also seems unusually attached to his rather plain cloak, Tyree returns to the camp empty handed. Broga feels his chances of finding cloth are much better, so the stealthy dwarf disappears into the night. He comes upon a young woman hanging laundry to dry and settles in to observe the camp for a moment. He notices a shadowy figure inside the tent across the way, and considers the potential danger it might pose. The woman turns her back to Broga and the laundry to stir a liquid in a cauldron over the campfire, the aroma reaching Broga, filling his nostrils with a foul stench that he is unable to place. He nearly wretches when the woman takes a sip of the pungent concoction, but keeps his wits enough to grab a robe from the line and melt back into the forest.

When Broga arrives back at camp with cloth in hand, Marius groans as he recognizes the elaborate blue robe of a Tevinter senator. Both glad of the insult to one of his many rivals but cautious of the potential backlash, Marius advises that the robe not be used to carry the corpses and also that they not be seen with it. Unable to verify with certainty if it has some enchantment that would allow the mage-senator to track it but wanting to keep the valuable robe for its protective qualities, they agree to bury it a distance off then retrieve it in the morning if it remains. Broga marks the spot the best way he knows how, then returns for a peaceful night’s rest.



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