Decem Reliquias

The sun, the nug, and the broom closet

The long dark staircase goes on, unchanging, for hours upon hours. With no sun for reference the group quickly loses track of time. Eventually, though they can’t really say for certain when, the monotony of the stairs is broken by an entrance to a small, circular room. The ornate and pristine sun image painted on the floor and the flower carved into the ceiling seem out of place in the otherwise dank and decrepit tunnels. It makes the group uneasy, but the thousands of tiny eggshell fragments that litter the floor make them even more so. Tyree identifies the shells as belonging to a reptile, possibly deep stalker, but he is excited at the prospect that it might be dragons. No one else shares his enthusiasm.

Wondering about it’s pristine nature, Tyree scratches at the paint of the sun on the floor of the room. To his surprise, the paint around the scratch rushes in to fill in the void, leaving the image undamaged. They decide there must be some magical effect at work, but do not see how it could possibly help them escape from the mountain. The five exits from the sun room, two smaller each to the left and right, and one larger just ahead, offer no clues as to which way they should turn. They choose to pursue the first one on the right for no particular reason, which leads them to a small stone hallway. After only a few seconds, they are again confronted with a choice. The hallway ends with three closed wooden doors, straight ahead, left and right.

Tyree listens carefully at the first door on the left. and hears a steady dripping sound, but no other movement. Everyone readies their weapons and gives Tyree the go ahead to enter. He bursts through the door, but finds no enemy to confront. He is greeted only by empty bookshelves and several wooden tables laden with glass containers. A thick black liquid slides down a thin tube and drips steadily into one of the containers. Marius surmises that this must be a laboratory of some kind, though it bears no hint of who it’s owner might be or what the experiments are for. The lack of dust indicates that it it has been recently used, so they decide not to disturb any of the red or black liquids. Once they verify that the room has no other egress, they leave it exactly the way they found it and close the door behind them.

At the door directly across from the laboratory, Tyree hears faint scratching sounds. Once everyone readies themselves for conflict once again, he carefully opens it and peaks in. The faint torchlight falls over a myriad of small cages, each containing a creature more strange than the next. Seeing no threat from the tiny caged beasts, he opens wide the door and lets everyone in. Broga, being familiar with some of the deep dwelling creatures from his short time in Orzammar, identifies a few nugs and a deepstalker, but others prove to be beyond his knowledge. Presuming that these animals must be part of the unknown experiments across the hall, they decide eating them might not be a good idea. Seeing no way out through this room and nothing of particular use, they close the door and proceed to the next.

The brave Corryn decides to try the door directly ahead. Everyone behind him readies their weapons and takes battle positions to confront whatever might be lurking behind the door. Corryn takes the handle and it creaks slowly open, then suddenly swings wide. The nible mage deftly jumps back to avoid the enemy that has burst through the door. An assortment of brooms and mops clatter to the ground, echoing loudly in the otherwise silent chamber. Laughing quietly at they’re jumpiness, they ensure that the broom closet has no secret doors, replace the cleaning implements, close the door, and return to the central sun room to try their luck with another hallway.



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