Decem Reliquias

To Cross a River

With full bellies and full saddlebags, it was now time for the adventurers to find a way to cross the river Réveiller. Since swimming the half-mile wide river would ruin their newfound collection of books, this option was ruled out. Traveling west along the river bank yields no bridges. Finally, Réveiller empties into a large lake. On the shores of Lac Corbeauthe lies the small, odd town of Blaye.

Ferrying in Blaye is a lucrative business, as many travelers wish to go to or from Labric, the town across the lake. Corryn sizes up the four ferries at the dock, and decides the one captained by the young, attractive woman seems the most structurally sound. Armon thinks he can get a better deal though; five silver per passenger is terribly expensive. The first ferry captain, an old grumpy man, shuns him for fraternizing with the “enemy”. The second is not leaving for five more days, and the third requests thirty silver per passenger. Jenna, the ferry captain, smirks knowingly when he comes back to put his name on the list, and informs them they will be leaving at nightfall. This seems very odd to everyone not from Blaye. Jenna sends them back to the old man to find out why. She does not have time to educate the foreigners on local customs and legends.

For a silver, the old man tells his tale:

No one has sailed on Lac Corbeauthe during the day for as long as I can remember. It’s been that way since my grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather was a boy. Man eating crows hunt during the day, and will kill anyone who wonders too close to their island. Legend says that a beautiful witch used to live here. Many suitors sought her hand, and many were refused. Finally she chose one, and they were married and lived on a tiny island not far off shore. Unfortunately it did not last long. It’s said that she murdered her husband and cursed the island. Ever since, no one who has visited the island has come back alive. Any who venture too close are food for the bloody crows. The crows sleep at night, so that is when we sail.

Everyone remains thoroughly unconvinced that the island is cursed or that the crows pose a real threat. However the ferry captains are adamant and none of them will leave until dusk. To Tyree, the unidentifiable black specks hovering above the water in the distance are no deterrent. Always seeking to prove himself, he scans the shore for a boat to take him to the cursed island. After considering his options, he decides that stealing a boat would not be polite. No one else is keen to test the local myths, so they hunker down in the local tavern to wait for sundown.

A runner arrives at the tavern and informs Corryn that Captain Jenna is ready to depart. As the passengers file onto the ferry, Broga recognizes two of the other passengers. They are the two well armed dwarves Marius refused back at the Hanged Man in Val Royeaux, only now accompanied by three more dwarves, one of which has the distinct marking of a fellow Duster. They exchange wary glances, but do not engage in either combat or conversation. Much to everyone’s surprise, the trip across the lake goes without incident. Finally, they reach Labric and check in to the Toothless Ogre to settle in for a nice relaxing evening…



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