Celeste Le Montaigne

The Seeker


This member of the Chantry’s most elite force has been seeking the truth of what happened to the Empress of Orlais. She tracked Corryn to Loggerswold, where she revealed her suspicions that he had been framed by a Templar conspiracy. After defeating her transfigured mount, she headed north to find Duncan and Sister Stone, the other known witnesses for more information about the incident.

Marius invaded Celeste’s dreams and convinced her to come to Denerim to join his cause. Just outside the city, she encountered a lost Biddy and defended her from a Darkspawn attack. She was injured and tainted in the fight before she was found. She battled with the spirit of Justice to prove herself worthy of it’s assistance, and defeated it and the ghosts of her past. Now a partial abomination, she is unsure of her new place in the group and the world.


Celeste Le Montaigne

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