Bann Trumhall

Former Bann of Loggerswold


This fairly new arrival to the small backwood town of Loggerswold has talked himself into the highest political position of power in the area within six months. The mysterious disappearances and deaths that led to his election seem a little too convenient. His unusual tactics for dealing with the situation, preferring to write letters and build fortifications than venturing into the forest, have not convinced his rivals and naysayers otherwise either, but the townsfolk seem to support him anyway.

He is the chosen owner of Blacktail, an adult Mabari hound, which is also quite unusual. He claims the dog saved him from five wolves on the road between Redcliff and Denerim, and has stayed with him ever since.

After Blacktail’s true identity was revealed, this leader lost his charisma and was run out of town.


Bann Trumhall

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