Citizen Armon Reinhardt

A Nevarran patriot who is seeking honor for himself, but must first separate his past from his future.

Nevarran Adventurer
5ft 9in
Armor Rating:
Communication: 2 Constitution: 3 Cunning: 2 Dexterity: 3
Military Lore Initiative
Cultural Lore
Magic: 1 Perception: 1 Strength: 4 Willpower: 2
Listening Heavy Blades Courage
Weapon Attack Damage
Aamor Fin 8 2d6+8
Mace 4 2d6+4
Dagger 2 1d6+4
Gauntlet 2 1d3+4

     Journeyman Weapon and Shield Style
     Novice Dual Weapon Style
     Novice Armor Training
     Novice Heavy Blades
     Novice Light Blades
     Novice Bludgeons
     Novice Polearms
     Novice Quick Reflexes


Concepts, Goals, and Ties:
     Get the first mission over with
     Honorable Glory
     Find Gerhard someday

     Heavy Shield
     Heavy Leather Armor
     Travel Garb
     Rope (20 yards)
     (2) Pints of Oil
     Flint and Steel
     Small Tent
     (10) Trail Ration
     Medium Shield


“I wasn’t born to walk on water. I wasn’t born to sack and slaughter. No, my duty’s to the law.”

Armon’s tale begins with his birth. Armon’s father, Warin, was a guard at the Wronki Prison and his mother, Selma, was a nurse at that same prison. Armon was born 9:01 within the dank walls of Wronki and never got a chance to meet his mother as she died during childbirth due to blood loss.
Crest of Armon
For 27 years, Armon lived with his father among the scum of the Kingdom of Nevarra, learning how to become a guard himself. After 16 years, he earned the title of “Guard” and helped manage the prison. His father taught him sword fighting and duty. The prison system taught him that every man is born in sin and every man must choose his way, and the prisoners taught him how to fight for his life. During his time, he also had plenty of time to listen to the stories of the prisoners as they wove tales of wonders beyond the borders of the kingdom and of places where the prisoners would go if they ever got out.

Serving dutifully with his father, Armon had one singular exception to his father’s strict rules, prisoner 49202. Content Not Found: gerhard, whose name was reported to be Gerhard, was a Perendalian and had taken kindly to Armon. Gerhard became the source for many of the tales of adventure and history that would fascinate Armon for so many years; and Gerhard taught Armon how to use a shield with a weapon, and the history of the Nevarran dragonhunters. After 26 years, 49202 was finally released, with Armon as the proceeding guard. It was during the reading of the Rules of Leave that Gerhard offered to take Armon with him deep into the Korcari Wilds to build names for themselves. However, honor-bound to his father, the prison, and country, and knowing that Gerhard’s journey would force him to commit more crimes to survive; Armon refused the offer.

Nevertheless, the offer continued to gnaw at Armon for weeks until he finally gave in and surrendered his title of "Guard,” and took on the honorific of “Citizen,” as a loyal member of Nevarra. Armon defied his father’s demand that he remain at the prison and instead struck out for Fereldan then onto the Wilds. It is Armon’s hope to return to Nevarra someday with stories to tell and a name for himself so that his father would forgive him for abandoning his duties in the name of adventure. While the possibilities are remote, it is Armon’s hope that he finds his friend along the way.

Citizen Armon Reinhardt

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