Mysterious Elven Mage


Speed 17, Defense 18, Armor 3 HP 121 Mana 150
Comm. 2, Con. 5 Stax2, running, Cunn. 4 arcane, cultural, memory
Dex. 5 init., Magic 8 Entropy x2, Creation, Arcane lance, +1 magic res.
Perception 4 hearing, empathy, detect darkspawn, seeing
Str. 2, Will. 5, self-discipline x2

Talents: Entropyx3, Creationx3, HexBladex3, Lore, Necromancer, Primal x2
Spells: Weakness, Paralyzed, Miasma, Mass Paralysis,
Vulnerbility Hex, Affliction Hex, Misdirection Hex, Death Hex,,
Entropic Cloud,
Heroic Offense, Heroic Aura, Heroic Defense,
Spell Wisp, Grease, Shock

TRAVELERS BACKPACK, ROBES (dressing), underclothes, pants, boots, cloak, blanket
flint steel, rope, spikes(10),
plate (tin), pan, cup, dining utensils,
cord (fishing) 50 yards, fishing tackles, cord (twine) 50 yards,
chalk, pencil, quill, ink(red), paper (30 pages), 2-water skins,
honey, bottle (glassx4), mirror, glue,

3 minor Lyrium potions

Magic Light Leather Armor
Material: Inscribed leather (+3 armor, +1 Magic Resistance)
Magical Properties: Does not apply spellcasting penalty

Material: Dragonthorn (+4 damage)
Magical Properties: Applies it’s +4 physical damage to Arcane Lance

Material: Glass
Magical Properties: Adds +2 Defense

Material: Everrite
Magical Properties: Once per day, when you enter the dying state, it will automatically heal you for 5HP.



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