Aamar Fin

Magic sword gifted to Armon by the late Thane Owyne Brasnur o' Redhold


This ancient sword gives off a comforting glow. It’s origins are unknown, but if you listen close enough it might tell you…


After the death of Armon, Corryn took up the mysterious sword. One night on the pirate Isabela’s river boat, the sword finally broke through and communicated it’s origin to the mage.

You are in the topmost room of a stone tower. A man dressed in fine blue velvet robes looks out a window worriedly. He says “It won’t be long now.” The ground shudders, and pebbles fall from the roof. He turns around, and addresses a female elf across the room. She is tall and slender, very unlike any elf you have seen. She is dressed in full plate armor and holds an ornate shield, both bearing runes that glow faintly with arcane power. Before her is a stone table draped in a red cloth. Atop it lies the familiar blade Aamar Fin. “Then it is time,” she says, in a lilting, ethereal voice. The man nods, and approaches her. “I am so sorry, my love,” she says, then lifts the sword, and plunges into his chest. He smiles faintly, before dissipating into mist. The tower shutters once more, and chunks of ceiling fall. Dappled in sunlight, the elf looks directly at you and says “You will be our savior. We will teach you the old ways. Arlathan will live again.” The elf vanishes in a silver mist, and Aamar Fin clatters to the ground. The tower continues to crumble around you and fades to black, leaving only you and the blade. You step forward and retrieve the sword, which pulses faintly.

Aamar Fin

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