Memory of Minrathous


As a prepared action once per encounter, when another Mage within 30 ft of you attempts to cast a spell, make a Magic(Spirit) test.

If your test exceeds the spellpower of that spell and the Mage succeeded in casting the spell, the spell has no effect. You learn what that spell would have done, if you did not already know, and for the next 24-hours or until you use the ring’s ability again, you may cast that spell once as if you know it. You do not need to meet the prerequisites of that spell, but must pay all costs, spend the designated amount of time and make the appropriate TN casting roll.

If the mage succeeds in casting the spell, but your Magic(Spirit) test does not exceed the spellpower of that spell, the spell the other Mage was casting has its spellpower increased by +3 and you suffer a magical mishap

If the mage fails to cast the spell, both you and the caster suffer a magical mishap.


Spellpower: 18
School: Spirit

Memory of Minrathous

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