Tag: Elmridge


  • Felayne

    A sweet girl, she seems out of place on the road by herself. She is very protective of her puppies, and troubled by strange nightmares. Her father, a former Grey Warden, used to make the journey with her, but the old man did not make it back this time. …

  • Birchan Wulff

    *story* as the third son of [[:arl-gallagher-wulff | Arl Gallagher Wulff]] and,outraged by his sister's kidnapping by the evil Avar and disappointed at his father's duty-driven inability to spare men to look for her, Berchan easily slipped past his …

  • Christa

    Friend of Sister Stone, this woman was beheaded by Knight-Commander Meredith in front of Berchan's eyes.