Tag: Royalty


  • Queen Anora

    Anora was born a commoner, at a time shortly after her father had driven foreigners out of Ferelden. Her father was rewarded with his elevation to Teyrn, so in truth Anora grew up knowing privilege—it was her father that kept her very much aware of her …

  • King Cailan Theirin

    Cailan's mother had a love of books, and Cailan inherited this. He loved hearing heroic tales as a child, particularly those describing his father's rise to power. His mother died when he was still young and Cailan grew up without siblings. Cailan was …

  • Empress Celene I

    Celene was sixteen when she ascended to the Orlesian throne in 9:20 Dragon, and she has never married. Her ascension is swathed in rumours, with some Orlesians claiming that she organized the assassination of her uncle to seize power. Celene is an …

  • Lanaya Brightmore

    Seen in a vision by Corryn, this elven princess lived, and died, during the fall of [[Arlathan]], over two thousand years ago. Her soul persists, along with that of her unnamed Tevinter lover, within the ancient blade [[Amar Fin]].