Tag: relic


  • Feather of Faith

    Used in a blood magic ritual to create a tear in the Veil and save the child Berchan, this feather hosts a spirit of Faith. It now rarely leaves Corryn clutches, as it somehow prevents the Templars from using his phylactery to locate the former Circle …

  • Locket of Hunger

    Taken from the Tevinter Senator Danarius. Rumored to contain a hunger demon. It's known powers are to steal youth and trap people inside, with the potential to skeletonize them.

  • Cloak of Hope

    A spirit of hope was bound to this item in a dangerous ritual in which a tear was torn in the veil and a spirit was lured through.

  • Collar of Sloth

    Retrieved by the dwarf Oeric during a mining expedition, this collar has wreaked havoc and left a path of destruction in its wake. Home to a demon of sloth, it's essence oozes out of a missing thorn as a black liquid or mist. It longs to reunite with it's …

  • Link of Rage

    Stolen from El'garnen by the elf [[:unknown-female-elf | Eshara]], this broken link contains a shard of a rage demon.

  • To Create a Relic

    _Dragon 9:28 All Soul's Day_ h4. Desire p. One object of great beauty and worth. Desire demons prefer to be in items that inspire others to desire them. p. One person of great beauty, preferably a mage, could be male or female. The desire demon …

  • Reverie

    This perplexing spirit communicates in riddles and metaphors, though she seems genuinely interested in helping when she can. She recognizes people by their dreams, and likes to remind Marius that _"We are always here."_