A demon is a malicious spirit from the Fade that feeds on the darker parts of the mortal psyche. The more complex the emotions, the more intelligent and powerful the demon who feeds on it.

Demons often cannot distinguish between a living being and a dead one and will readily take control of either. This is thought to be the cause for the Chantry’s custom of burning the dead. Each demon favors a particular ability of it’s host, and uses that ability against the host’s willpower when attempting possession.

Rage – Strength
Hunger – Constitution
Sloth – Cunning
Desire – Communication
Pride – Willpower

Spirits without demonic attitudes may be considered benevolent (or at least not malevolent). Such spirits characteristically do not wish to cross the Veil, but do so on occasion, generally to aid someone in need. They also have associated abilities.

Valor – Dexterity
Compassion – Perception
Justice – Strength
Faith – Willpower
Hope – Communication

Each Demon and Spirit have polar opposites, and each pairing is associated to a school of magic. They are:

Justice / Sloth – Spirit
Compassion / Rage – Primal
Hope / Pride – Creation
Faith / Desire – Blood
Valor / Hunger – Entropy

desire: purple
sloth: navy blue
rage: orange
hunger: black
pride: green
justice: yellow
hope: light blue
compassion: white
faith: red
valor: silver


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