Fenris, the Dread Wolf

Fenris: The Dread Wolf

You know what the Dalish say to their dogs? Take the Dread Wolf by the ear if he comes. Long ago, a clan lived on the Silent Plains. It was a terrible, lonely place where the sun was forbidden to shine. Their Keeper had a coursing hound. They had run down deer and hares and wolves together when they were young. But they had grown old together, Keeper and hound, and now only dozed before the campfire, dreaming of hunts.

But then the Dread Wolf came, for the Keeper was wise and kind—the things Fenris hates above all else. At night, he tried to steal into the Keeper’s dreams, to twist his mind and turn him against the People. But even in dreams, the courser guarded his master. He caught the Dread Wolf’s scent and gave chase across the Fade."

Fenris tried to shake his pursuer, but the hound ran as coursers can only run in their dreams. Even the wind couldn’t have fled that hound. He ran the Dread Wolf down and grabbed him by the tail! Fenris howled, so loud that the Veil shook and even the stars scattered in fear. But the hound wouldn’t let go.

Neither hound nor Wolf gave in. Finally, Fenris bit off his own tail to escape, and away he fled. Ever since, the Dread Wolf thinks twice about playing his tricks when dogs are on guard.

Fenris, the Dread Wolf

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