Rituals are advanced forms of magic that allow more powerful effects than Spells, but at a higher cost than a simple mana payment. These may require rare or expensive materials, multiple mages, or even a blood sacrifice. Below are the rituals which you have either observed, participated in, researched in books, been informed of by sources both reliable and suspect, or have only heard about in whispers.


Glyphs are complex patterns used in magical spell casting and rituals to focus energy from the Fade to a particular purpose. The patterns you know are pictured below:


Opening the Veil

Source: Sister Stone
The veil, the barrier that separates the physical realm from the Fade, may be pierced temporarily by the use of a ceremonial dagger and two willing mages. Each mage must contribute their blood willingly by piercing their flesh with the blade of the ceremonial dagger and adding their blood to a shared vessel. A beacon is then dipped into the mixed blood and waved through the air where the tear is intended. Demons or spirits of any sort may pass through unchecked until the tear is closed by destroying the vessel. Sister Stone used this technique to call forth a spirit of Faith to save the young boy Berchan from the Darkspawn taint, while inadvertently letting a Sloth demon into the world as well.
Normally this tear is a one-way street, allowing spirits to leave the fade, but not physical beings to enter. Legend tells of the Tevinter who tore open the Veil and stepped into the Black City using the blood of thousands of slaves. This may simply be a more intense version of the ritual you know.
You are unfamiliar with the exact specifications of the ceremonial dagger used in this ritual, except that it is a metal you were unable to identify.

Stealing another’s constitution

Source: Blood magic book obtained from The Architect
Once can steal the life force of another, thus increasing their own ability to fight against disease and poison, and withstand injuries. Ingredients required are a small glass vial, a loaf of bread, a dagger, and a human sacrifice. Collect a small amount of the sacrifice’s blood by wounding them with the dagger in the glass vial. Pour the blood on the bread from end to end. Slice the loaf in half using the same dagger, then both the sacrifice and the beneficiary must each eat half of the bread. After consumption is complete, the beneficiary must then kill the sacrifice with the same dagger.

Soul binding

Source: Lanaya Brightmore
After observing the small glowing stones carried by the Legion of the Dead, Corryn questioned his constant companion Lanaya Brightmore on how they would have done such a thing. Lanaya provided the following instructions, but also a grave warning. Soul binding is not to be taken lightly. Once a life force is bound to an object, each cannot exist without the other. Souls can be bound to items for a variety of reasons. In life, one’s soul may be bound to an object that holds special value or significance, representing a lifetime commitment to a person or duty. A soul may be transferred to an object upon death, thus preserving some form of consciousness and memories of the deceased.

The ritual must be performed by the person whose soul is being bound.

  1. On a smooth flat, cool surface, lay strips of clean white cloth to form the glpyh of containment, large enough to enclose the chosen item. The larger the item, the more of your soul will be bound.
  2. Place the chosen item in the center of the glyph
  3. Trace the glyph with refined lyrium
  4. Trace the glyph again with the blood of the person being bound, directly from the source without touching any foreign objects
  5. Take the outer strips of cloth and immediately bind the wound with them
  6. Take the inner strips of cloth and wrap them around the object
  7. Do not remove the bandages from either for three days

Reversing the Rite of Tranquility

Source: Book in Solas’ library
While researching various topics in the ancient elven ruins found in the Deep Roads in which Solas had taken up residence, you came across a startling revelation. The Rite of Tranquility, an inhumane procedure used on mages by the Templar order to sever their connection to the Fade thus removing all magical powers and emotion from them, can be reversed. To do so, a spirit, preferably Faith, must be compelled to touch the mind of the person to reestablish the connection with the Fade. If a malicious demon answers the call instead, the person will most likely become an abomination instead of being restored. The procedure is outlined below:

  1. Place the tranquil in a cold, dimly lit, windowless room.
  2. Place five small glass containers of purified water in a pentagon around the tranquil
  3. Using an Everite blade, cut the finger of the tranquil and place a drop of blood into each container
  4. Using the same blade, without cleaning it, trace the glyph of Spirit in the air above the Tranquil
  5. Smash the glass containers as soon as the ritual is complete


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