Tevinter Imperium
Official Language Tevene
Demonym Tevinter
Government Magocracy
Capital Minathous
Religion Imperial Chantry (majority)

The Tevinter Imperium is the longest existing country in Thedas and is ruled by a powerful magocracy. The leaders of the Imperium are called magisters, and are led by the Imperial Archon.

In ancient times, the Imperium’s power was unrivaled and its borders stretched in almost the entirety of the continent. In modern times, Tevinter is only a shadow of its former self in both size and power, however it is still a considerable power in the north.

The Tevinter Imperium is still governed by powerful magic-users through a form of magocracy. It is almost universally reviled by other nations. Its nobility is known to be over-indulgent, and slavery is still practiced. The Imperium is the center of the black market, smuggling (including the harboring of mage fugitives from other lands) and the slave trade. Tevinter would crumble without slaves, given that it is the only way to support their economy. History shows how deeply committed they are to the practice; when an archon once outlawed it, the archon was quickly assassinated. Though slave rebellion occur frequently, the Imperial Senate unites in the face of “sedition” to suppress them. Though merely a shadow of its former glory, the Imperium is still a very powerful nation with considerable military might. It would turn on the southern nations were it not diverted by the constant wars with the Qunari.

Tevinter Archons

Archons are technically part of the magisters and used to be elected from the ranks of the Magisterium, but since the Black Age this practice changed and no member of the Imperial Chantry or a magister can become an Archon.

The Magisterium is the upper house and is responsible for making laws and choosing a new Archon if there is no approved heir. Members of the Magisterium are known as magisters. The Publicanium is the lower house, and in contrast with the Magisterium it holds no true power and is considered a bureaucratic body. Senators of the Publicanium are elected officials

Seal of the Archon is the hooded ferryman.

Known archons

-1207 Darinius
-1180 Darinius Died, cause unknown
-981 Thalasion elected
-998 Thalasion, declared war on Arlathan
-975 Arlathan disapears

-760 Archon Almadrius
-692 Almadrius, assassinated, Tidarion, apprentice to Almadrius becomes Archon
-640 Tidarion died
20 years without an archon
-620 Parthenius, former high priest of Dumat, elected

-395 Ritual performed to enter Arlathan in the Fade

-175 – Hessarian kills Andraste
-160 – Hessarian converted to Andrastian
-125 – Hessarian – died in his sleep

0 – Chantry founded

2:2 Glory – Therion during reign

2:99 Glory – Vespasian – assassinated
Hadarius – assassinated, succeeded Verspasian

7:34 Storm – Nomaran elected from magisterium, first mage archon since conversion to Andrastianism

9:21 – Davan

Anodatus, descendant of Ishal
Vanarius Issar
Lovias – 89 year old, choked on a fishbone

Valerius – father of Hessarian, killed
Orentius – successor of Hessarian


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