Fereldan lore is full of instances where these creatures have plagued the countryside: wolves possessed by rage demons and transformed into humanoid monsters with incredible speed and strength, able to spread a curse to those they bit that would drive them mad with unthinking fury. When in this enraged state, a human host can likewise become possessed and be transformed into a feral, wolf-like beast. Tales differ on these werewolves of human origin, some claiming that their transformation into a bestial form happens uncontrollably. Some claim the transformation is irreversible. As is often the case with demonic tales, both versions were most likely true at some point.

The ability of normal dogs to detect a werewolf even when it is in a human guise is what first led Fereldans to adopt dogs as indispensable companions in every farmhold.

The actual hero Dane led a crusade to eliminate the werewolf threat during the early Black Age, and while werewolves have never assumed the same prominence since, there have still been reports of individual packs lurking in remote forests.

Werewolves either lack the opposable thumbs to wield weapons or refuse to do so, instead engaging opponents with nothing but claw and fang. A werewolf is taller than humans and elves, and their strength far outmatches that of either race. They lose all resemblance to their former self upon transformation, growing fur, a snout and claws. But perhaps worst of all is the change to the mind. A full Werewolf is truly like a beast. Hunting, mating, and surviving are their only considerations.

Werewolves strike with their claws to cut deep into the flesh, and deliver a final bite to the throat. Werewolves wear no armor beyond their naturally thick hide, which can still be pierced by blade or bow. With no particularly strong means of defense, a werewolf will usually try to strike swiftly and hard, rather than wait for the opponent to make the first move. Their hides serve no defense against magic, making that as good an option as any if the werewolf’s prey has the talent.


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