Dragon Age: Decem Reliquias

The Tevinter Magister Marius is not content with his palace and numerous elven slaves. He desires more power in order to move up in society. That is the only way in Tevinter. He has learned, through meticulous research, of a mage long ago who may have unlocked exactly what he’s looking for, Johanus Dumat Laskaron. He left Tevinter so he could do his research in secret in the untamed far south of the Imperium. Centuries later, Marius intends to follow in his footsteps to recover what has been lost. Leaving Minrathous, he knows that he will need help on his journey if he is to survive in the uncouth barbarian lands now known as Ferelden. He amasses a crew of unlikely allies, who all have their own reasons for leaving home for the open road. The journey is a long and dark one, not only on the road through Thedas, but into the hearts, minds and souls of the men taking it. None of them will return home the same, if they return home at all.

Decem Reliquias

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