Birchan Wulff

ovrtconfident third son of Arl Wulff.


3 pints oil, small sylvan wood statue, torch, jar, 3 monster pictures, 2 blue silk shirt, woden bowl, 30 yards of rope, carrots,
1 white silk shirt.

Copper:0 Silver:3 Gold:0

Current Equipment
Lion shield, short sword, shiny metal bracelet, chain mail armor, leather boots, brown pants.

Faith: Birchan (other part: mike’s feather)

Jar contents
small light orbs


Hp: ? Sp: 0 Speed: ? Power: -? Defense: +?
Dexterity: +1/
3 Anititave: +20


as the third son of Arl Gallagher Wulff and,outraged by his sister’s kidnapping by the evil Avar and disappointed at his father’s duty-driven inability to spare men to look for her, Berchan easily slipped past his stupid guards to track Izot and her captors north. A mean band of adventurers caught him and dragged him to the doomed settlement of Redhold where he single handedly saved the day. He received a nasty wound in the process, but was miraculously saved with the help of the heroic mage Corryn, the serious Chantry Sister Stone, and an elven Grey Warden. The spirit of faith inside of him gives him unnatural speed and remarkable ability to evade attacks. After discovering his sister’s cruel fate, he has refused to return home and instead has embarked on a grand adventure to stop the Blight and bring peace to Thedas once and for all.

currently unknown

Birchan Wulff

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