Crow's Wrap


You may choose a poison type below and make a TN 15 Cunning (Poison Lore) check. If successful, the next melee attack you make behaves as if your weapon is coated in the chosen poison. If you fail, roll on the poison making mishap chart, with +1 or +2 based on the level of the poison. The belt must be charged with poison before use, and may hold up to three charges per poison type.

Quiet Death: 1 Charge
Marrow Lock: 2 Charges
Magebane: 3 Charges

You may add additional charges or types of poisons to the belt by soaking the belt in the chosen poison for an hour and making a TN 18 Cunning (Poison Lore) check. This uses up the poison on either a success or failure. The belt gains one charge per ounce of poison used, up to three, but uses all the poison regardless. Failure is subject to a poison making mishap.


Crow's Wrap

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