The Tranquil are mages who went through the Rite of Tranquility. The Rite cuts off the connection to the Fade. The Tranquil can no longer dream. As a side effect, their emotional center is utterly removed. It is believed that demons cannot possess the Tranquil.

It is the judgment of the Knight-Commander whether a mage needs to be made Tranquil, but requires significant provocation and the agreement of the First Enchanter. Provocation in this case means that the mage either cannot control their magic or has shown no signs of a willingness to do so.

The Rite of Tranquility is claimed to be an act of mercy, if not kindness. Many of those who go through the Rite have never even shown the desire to be mages in the first place, and once made Tranquil, they are believed to be immune to the mortal dangers they would have to face otherwise. While some mages are forced to undergo the Rite, some volunteer willingly.

The Rite involves the use of a lyrium brand. As a result the Tranquil have the seal of the Chantry’s sunburst engraved on their foreheads. The Tranquil are not permitted to speak of the Rite.

In the mind of the Tranquil, there is no passion. They keep to themselves, and, if asked directly, will readily agree that having the opportunity to live out a peaceful and useful existence is far preferable when compared to what their alternatives would have been.

The Tranquil are stripped of their capacity to form anything other than a logical opinion. However, they neither lose their memory nor become automotons: they possess free will. They do not wish to die and are no more susceptible to suggestion than they were previously. They’re more agreeable and would not normally oppose an authority figure, but if the Tranquil saw a logical reason not to follow an order, they would do so. Tranquil can’t take offense and know no modesty.

Tranquil can be creative—insofar as a very logical scientist might be. They pursue a means to an end, and are capable of coming up with alternate solutions to problems. They are, however, methodical to a fault. They are not taken by inspiration, and some might say what they lack is intuition. The fact that they do not get bored and take no pleasure out of creating takes much of the impetus away for them to change their methods or seek to create something different unless there is a clear reason to.

Monotonous voices and blank, expressionless eyes of the Tranquil make mages and non-mages alike feel uncomfortable in their presence. Many Tranquil assume a placid smile, not because they are pleased about anything but because they know it puts others at ease.

The Tranquil are no longer considered to be mages and are free to leave the Circle. Most remain, primarily because it’s logical: they’re not welcome elsewhere, and can serve in a productive capacity in the Circle and live comfortably. It is not unknown for the Tranquil not to stay, but such cases are rare.

The Tranquil perform all sorts of menial and administrative functions in the towers: they service the mages’ chambers, purchase the supplies, act as storekeepers, manage the archives and maintain the records. They can also serve as sellers in Circle of Magi shops.

The Tranquil use lyrium to enchant items, providing the Circle its main source of funding. They have no innate resistance to its effects, but they possess a level of concentration far beyond a normal person’s and thus are less likely to make a mistake while handling it.


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