Countries of Thedas

Map Common and formal Names Language Capital
Anderfels.jpg Anderfels

Kingdom of Anferfels
Ander Hossberg
Antiva.jpg Antiva Antivan Antiva City
Ferelden.png Ferelden

Kingdom of Ferelden
None Denerim
Free_Marches.jpg Free Marches None Kirkwall, Starkhaven, Ostwick
Nevarra.jpg Nevarra

Kingdom of Nevarra
Orlesian Nevarra City
Orlais.jpg Orlais

Orlesian Empire
Orlesian Val Royeaux
Orzammar.png Orzammar Dwarven Orzammar
Par_Vollen.jpg Par Vollen Qun Qunandar
Rivain.jpg Rivain

Kingdom of Rivain
Rivaini Dairsmuid
Seheron.jpg Seheron None Seheron
Tevinter.jpg Tevinter

Tevinter Imperium
Tevene Minathous

Countries of Thedas

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